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About Us

Todd and Stephanie Lynd make Ocean Arts . We specialize in sculptural arts. Todd has been a professional artist for over 30 years. Starting in clay sculpture and pottery in the Bitteroot Valley of Montana. His business transitioned into wood, and now recycled plastic. His works are sought after by a wide variety of people, interior designers and collectors.

Todd developed a freehand thermoforming process using clear polymers. (water bottles, clear packaging material PET, nylon Ect...) he folds in brilliant colors under high heat. This creates a glass like look that is permanent, durable and lightweight. The colors are bright and bold and will not fade in the sun. No machines or molds are used.

The CoralREEFlections line is Eco- friendly,FUNCTIONAL home accent line of unique glass like art.

The respect he and his wife have for the earth and concerns for the oceans made using the Eco- friendly plastic a perfect fit.

No ceiling or wall is too big! Indoor outdoor art.

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