Ocean Arts - Freshwater Fish Carvings
Ocean Arts - Nature inspired originals
Large 8 foot Rainbow Trout Todd Lynd original chainsaw carving

To see and Purchase from our vast section of freshwater fish carvings ,please follow the secure link below.

chainsaw carving blue gill mobile ebay1111 947 (1024x768)Wooden chainsaw carved Catfish The link above will take you directly to my selection of freshwater fish carvings. I carve over 200 species, from trout to bass. My Etsy store makes it very easy to search for what you want. 
Large Mouth Bass Todd Lynd Chainsaw carving ebay1111 655 (1024x768)ebay1111 1355 (1024x768)Brook Trout Todd Lynd original chainsaw carving Crappie chain saw carving mobile Brown Trout relief chainsaw carving plaque ebay1111 925 (1024x768)ebay1111 917 (1024x768)ebay1111 903 (1024x768)ebay1111 907 (1024x768)
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