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CORAL REEFlections   Is usable art ware with a coral reef like pattern. Creator Todd Lynd uses clear (PET) plastic polymer. It is hand spun and formed under high heat. Creating one-of-a-kind translucent home accent wares. And jewelry that are eco-friendly, partially recycled and recyclable! 

Hand Made: Uniquely developed polymer blending techniques happen under high heat. Forming by hand, fused colors take on glass like characteristics. The result differs from traditional glass blowing, not only in its extreme durability but also its remarkable translucent light refracting abilities.
Product care:  Clean with soap and water. Dry with soft cloth to avoid hard water and mineral deposits. Avoid abrasive cleaners and materials. Not recommended for oven or microwave use.

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Crystal clear PET material from recycled water bottles.Artist Todd Lynd recycled water bottle art eco-friendlyebay1111 2622 (1024x768)ebay1111 2617 (1024x768)IMG 4544
Colorful Coral reef Beautiful Glass like look.  Hand blending colors creates coral reef like patterns under high heat.  No two works are alike!
Todd Lynd colorful recycled water bottle art
The material  is PET plastic with a recycle symbol of (1). The same plastic used for most water bottles and food packaging. It is very hard to break or chip. PET is a very close relative to Nylon and is  the most recycled plastic. In fact you most likely have some very close by. Clothes, carpet, toys and many other products are made with recycled PET. 
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10% of art profits go to the Ocean Conservancy. Helping keep our oceans clean . 
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